February 01, 2010

Recent Happenings - St. Hilaire Lab

André St. Hilaire and Anik Daigle are participating in a project on thermal refugia for salmonids along with 3 CRI Fellows (Rick Cunjak, Allen Curry and Kerry MacQuarrie). They are developping water temperature models with the objective of simulating the possible loss of thermal regugia in the future associated with climate change. Their work is focusing in three rivers: the Little Southwest Miramichi, the Ouelle and the Ste-Marguerite.

A new student, Julien Mocq, will begin his Ph.D. this winter. He will continue the development of a fuzzy-based habitat model for juvenile rearing and spawning habitat for Atlantic salmon.

Dae Jeong is working on development of a statistical downscaling method in order to generate multisite climate information. General Circulation Models (GCMs) commonly operate at large spatial scales and provide a reasonable representation of global and continental scale processes. Statistical downscaling is a way to infer local information from coarse scale information by applying statistical links between large scale fields and local conditions.

Anik Daigle
is working on different projects which are:

1) the comparison of Parametric and Non Parametric estimations of Annual Water Temperature Cycle Starting Date (with André St-Hilaire, Taha B.M.J. Ouarda, INRS-ETE; and Laurent Bilodeau, Hydro-Québec)

2) Multivariate modeling of water temperature in the Okanagan system (with André St-Hilaire, INRS-ETE; Daniel Peters and Donald Baird, Environment Canada)

3) Analyses of streamflow characteristics of Quebec and Atlantic Provinces rivers (with Daniel Caissie and Loubna Benyahya, Fisheries and Oceans; André St-Hilaire, INRS-ETE; and Dan Beveridge, UNB.)

Sandra Proulx-Mc Innis. Hydrological budget and mapping of a highly aqualysed fen, Baie-James, Quebec. MSc candidate. 2010.
• Sandra went several times in northern Québec, to collect her data and appreciating sun, peat and... all kinds and sizes of mosquitos… Now, she is analysing flows, evapotranspiration, water levels and topographic data of this highly aqualysed fen. She is working on daily and seasonal hydrological budget to write her first paper.

Hélène Higgins. Estimation and modeling of annual suspended sediment yield using turbidity measurements and hydroclimatic data in the Saint John river, New-Brunswick. MSc student. 2010.
• In New-Brunswick, she learned how to deal with rain when working with computers... (see below). Field season came to an end for her project on November 25th, when she took down her turbidity-measuring instruments at her two sites along the Saint John River. Now the fun starts; analysing all these high frequency data and trying to get a clear story out of it! But beforehand, she is off for a “break” semester; she will be working as a hydrologist (yeah!) for Environment Canada in Ottawa all winter. Back to INRS in May!

Mohammed Aziz Es-Salhi. Comparative analysis of suspended sediment concentrations downstream of harvested peat bogs. Does the addition of hydraulic structures improve sedimentation pond efficiency? (co-supervised by M. Clément and S. Courtenay). MSc student. 2009.
• Aziz monitored suspended sediment concentrations downstream of two harvested peat bogs in New Brunswick for two years. He has now finished his field work and writing his thesis!

Valérie Ouellet. Impacts of water temperature extremes on fish habitats in St. Lawrence River. PhD student. 2010.
• Valérie is finishing the water temperature model which is finally working after months of trying simulating daily water temperature for each hour. Hard programming time! But now, fun is coming, she will begin the fuzzy logic habitat model and adapts the model for the St. Lawrence River.

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