February 01, 2010

Recent Happenings - Munkittrick Lab

Gila Somers finished her late fall/ early winter season electrofishing for slimy sculpin within the Kennebecasis watershed in November and December.

She was joined by members Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee, Jake Oulette from University of Saskatchewan, Murray Somers (Curry Lab) and JA Sumith (Munkittrick Lab, from Sri Lanka); who had his first experience doing field work in negative degree Celsius temperatures.

Tim Barrett will be presenting a seminar on January 21 on “Level of biological organization for monitoring and assessing impacts of industrial effluents on fish: Population or community?”

Tim Barrett and Gila Somers will be presenting their MSc thesis proposals at UNBSJ on February 11th.

New Dr. Thijs Bosker has started his post-doctoral fellowship with the CRI. He is working with Drs. Kelly Munkittrick and Deb MacLatchy on standardizing a mummichog reproductive tests for endocrine disrupting substances.

Thijs Bosker has attended the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop in Charlevoix, Quebec, and presented some of his PhD work.

David Deslauriers (Supervisor: Dr. Jim Kieffer, CRI Associate UNBSJ) submerged himself in Asian culture on his visit to an International workshop on sturgeon.
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